The capital raised by releasing equity from your home can be used for nearly any legal reason that you choose. Some of the more popular reasons that people use equity release for are detailed below: –

Home Improvements

Does your home need any improvements or just a general makeover? Does your lifestyle mean that your house needs adapting? Make the changes to suit you and your circumstances, make your living space more comfortable and at the same time add value to your property

Clear your existing debt

What would it mean to be able to clear your existing debt? If you are struggling you’re your regular monthly credit commitments, raising monies from releasing equity can assist and remove any worries that you may have

Helping family and friends

It’s a real gift to be able to take care of the ones who mean most to you. Being in the position to gif monies to your family and friends can help them overcome financial difficulties or perhaps assist them in taking their first steps on the property ladder

Paying off your existing mortgage

If the monthly repayments on your current mortgage are becoming an increasing burden and your existing lender is not being as helpful as they could be, you might be relieved to know that there are still options open to you

Going on holiday

Life is all about making these lasting memories. So, what better than a once in a lifetime holiday. Cross something or somewhere off your bucket list, and at the same time treat the family to that memory that you can all share

Buying a car

Have you always dreamt of a certain car? A newer car can be safer, more economical and packed full of features that make your life easier, but it could also fulfill that long held dream

If you’re considering equity release we strongly advise that you read Is equity release right for you? or call one of our regional offices to discuss all your options in full detail